Frequenty Asked Questions

You asked, We answered

What does Purvina mean?

A Sanskrit word literally translating to ‘traditional’, Pūrvīṇa is an embodiment our deep respect for the long-standing traditions of our family and the very land we stand on. These traditions permeate everything we do - how we cultivate and harvest, how we process the ingredients, and how we give back to the earth.

What is Ventha Velichenna?

Ventha Velichenna or Urukku Velichenna is our true hero product, which is the foundation of several products across our baby care, kitchen essentials and skin & hair care collections.

Ventha Velichenna is the local term for the traditional preparation of pure Hot-Processed Virgin Coconut Oil. The very name evokes nostalgic visions and scents—of beloved grandmothers preparing this time-tested oil and applying it on the heads of their loved ones.

To know more about the magic that is Ventha Velichenna, read here.

What do you mean by 'single-ingredient' products?

It's simple, really. Every product we create and sell has just one ingredient that's the hero, the supporting cast, the director and the stagehand - all in one!

What this also means is that our products have zero fillers, zero adulteration, zero preservatives, zero additives, and overall zero nasties.

How do your products stay fresh without preservatives?

It's the beauty of small-batch production!

We process our products in small batches and therefore don't keep a huge stock. We ensure to dispatch fresh batches to our customers across the country.

We do, however, recommend you read each product label carefully for instructions on how to use, store, and by when to consume after opening the pack.

Are you certified organic?

What matters more to us than a stamp, is the safety of our products. Most of our produce comes from our farm in Anamangad, where we don't use any pesticides, fungicides, weedicides and inorganic fertilisers.

We also support the local community by sourcing from small farmers who grow their produce organically. Our selection process is meticulous—we would never sell anything we wouldn't want to consume ourselves or give to our families. And that's how we are assured that all our products are safe—certified organic or otherwise—for consumption even for infants.

Who is the team behind Purvina?

The mother-daughter duo Jaya and Parvathy are the co-founders of Purvina.

The team consists of some lovely ladies who are just as passionate as we are about traditional methods of processing, and are always super-excited to know of the far-reaching impact—geographically and otherwise—of our products.

Harvesting, processing, packing—everything is done in-house. With every order you place, you empower our women workforce.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver pan India for all orders placed on our website.

For international deliveries, please get in touch with us through our Contact page.