In the Press

Since the inception of Pūrvīṇa in 2020, we've been featured in many a publication. Here's a peek into the laurels and accolades our team and our products have garnered.

  • Mom-Daughter Entrepreneur Duo Revive Kerala’s Traditional Coconut Oil Mix

    Jaya and Parvathy Avanoor co-founded Purvina for many reasons. Jaya and her husband had many businesses like pharmaceuticals and machine manufacturing. However, the COVID-19-induced lockdown halted most of their work which resulted in plenty of free time for Jaya. Parvathy, on the other hand, was working as a digital marketer but was looking for a break.


  • From Local to Limelight: Pūrvīṇa on Jaihind TV

    In the heart of Anamangad, a dream was born - to share fresh produce from the womb of Kerala with the rest of the country, and the world. The turmeric powder carries in it the scent of the earth, while 'ventha velichenna' is akin to an elixir that soothes skin conditions and nourishes hair. Pūrvīṇa prides itself on its farm-to-table, farmer-centric practices that put single-ingredient kitchen and personal care staples on centre stage.

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  • Purvina on The New Indian Express

    Home of Organic Elixirs

    A mother-daughter duo is reviving the coconut-based cosmetic methods from traditional Malayali households

    In the olden days, the hot processed virgin coconut oil or ‘ventha velichenna’ or ‘urukku velichenna’ in Malayalam was a famous grandmother’s recipe in every household. Generations of Malayali households have prepared this elixir from the milk of matured, organically grown coconuts (thengapal), which is known for its effect on newborn babies and new mothers post-partum.


  • Pūrvīṇa: Bringing Kerala’s Oil-Making Traditions Back Into the Spotlight

    While cold-pressed coconut oil has received a fair amount of attention in recent years, Pūrvīṇa is bringing light to the dimming awareness of ventha velichenna, or hot-processed coconut oil. Based in Malappuram, nestling in the Western Ghats, their aim is to bring back into the spotlight the essence of Kerala’s oil-making traditions and techniques.

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  • At Pūrvīṇa, Tradition is redefined into something pure and natural

    Pūrvīṇa, meaning traditional, surmounts Kerala’s heritage in its fresh farm products. The brand with its motto of value addition to the state’s farm produce. The journey began in Malappuram, Kerala at the hands of the mother-daughter duo of Jaya and Parvathy Avanoor. It was Jaya’s vehemency to produce organically daily-use products like turmeric, pepper, and so on joined by the acute corporate brain of Parvathy which ultimately shaped Pūrvīṇa.


  • How This Mother-Daughter Business Is Making Kerala’s Ventha Velichana Famous

    Hot-processed virgin coconut oil, which is called ‘ventha velichenna’ or ‘urukku velichenna’ in Malayalam, is Kerala’s own household secret. Yet, it holds a rare spot in the discussion of oils. Malayalis commonly use ventha velichenna for babies and post-partum mothers, but it is slowly starting to make a name as a diet-friendly cooking ingredient too. Pūrvīṇa (traditional), a small business based out of Malappuram, is making this magic oil global. 


  • Purvina, A Dream Of Two Women

    Their village Anamangad in Kerala lies on the windward side of the Western Ghats. There was a time in Kerala when agriculturists with fairly big landholdings were ruling the roost. Times have changed, quite rapidly. Agriculture, as a means of livelihood, has become difficult to rely on. Labor cost has shot through the roof. Whereas, growth in revenue is sadly negligible.

    Jaya Avanoor and Parvathy Avanoor the beautiful minds behind Purvina, instead of griping about it, continued to plod on with their farming