Purvina Team

Our Story

Founded in 2020

born out of love for family and tradition

In the heart of rural Kerala, where the air is fragrant with spices and the land is rich with tradition, a brand was born—deeply rooted in family, community, age-old wisdom and local farming practices.

Our journey began with a simple yet powerful act of love. When my beloved Muthassan (grandfather) was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, our family's trusted Ayurvedic doctor recommended 15 ml of hot-processed virgin coconut oil—Ventha Velichenna—as part of his daily regimen. My Amma asked one of her staff members to prepare some at home for us because the process is intricate—it involves a deep understanding of the recipe, patience to stir the coconut milk for hours as it simmers, and a knowledge of the right decanting techniques.

As fate would have it, the first pandemic-driven lockdown of 2020 arrived, bringing a pause in our lives and a moment to reflect. My parents' businesses were temporarily shuttered, and Amma found herself with time on her hands. For years, she had been gifting our homegrown turmeric, peppercorns and other treasures of the soil to friends and family. Their consistent praise and encouragement sparked an idea: why not share these gifts with more people!

Thus, Pūrvīṇa was born. I left my job at a startup in Bangalore to join this labour of love, becoming a co-founder alongside Amma. We began with our turmeric powder—a staple in every Indian kitchen—and soon expanded our offerings to include Ventha Velichenna and black peppercorns.

Our commitment to tradition is unwavering. While we've embraced technology for certain processes, the soul of our Ventha Velichenna remains in the hands of our workers. Stirred patiently in traditional bronze uruli, this cherished oil is crafted by a workforce that's 90% mothers—making it truly mom-made and handmade.

As my family grew, so did our product line. The birth of my child inspired us to create our Diaper Rash Protection Oil and Nipple Crack Oil, while my baby's first foods led to the launch of our Banana Porridge Mix and Arrowroot Powder.

Our dream is simple yet profound—for Ventha Velichenna to become the gold standard in pure, safe oil irrespective of age groups and its applications, and for Pūrvīṇa to be a household name synonymous with single-ingredient, farm-to-home goodness. We hold steadfast to our promise of delivering high quality products, and we proudly source from local farmers, supporting a community that shares our values and vision.

At Pūrvīṇa, every jar and every bottle is an invitation to experience purity, tradition and love that nourish not just the body, but also the soul. Our products are safe for all—even the youngest members of your family—because we believe that traditional goodness, like love, knows no bounds.

- Parvathy Avanoor | Co-founder